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An interactive performance research.
Two performers behind a stand - the wardrobe of exchange.
The viewers can leave their coat & personal belongings at the wardrobe and receive an orange construction kimono to put on in return.
After a short assessment they are classified in one of 3 categories and receive a card with a fitting exercise and a floorplan. The exercise involves one of 7 objects which are stored in the back of the stand and the floorplan tells them the location where they are expected to perform the exercise for the duration of 7 minutes. They receive a timer to keep track of the time.

The locations are "inbetween-places"; places of transition which are usually rushed through and overseen. The exercises are supposed to help to get the viewer into a feeling/atmosphere connected to either stagnation or transition.

After the exercise is completed the viewers return to the stand to bring back the kimono, card and object and get back their personal belongings. Furthermore a short feedback session in a dialogical form takes place in which coffee & croissants are being served and the performers as well as the viewers are encouraged to share their experiences and findings.

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click here for video of an overview of the procedure

Performers: Carolina Burandt as Hashimo Kohlrabi & Franca Burandt as A-Sista-Lee & visitors of the exhibition "Headliners" @ the Suikerunie, Groningen, the Netherlands