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I am a beautiful person.
I have a great way of life.

I am a star, pick me up – now!

You want me too.

The whole world is small and handy.

It's a little too late – i went to the other side of the moon.
I have to go back in time.
This is the beginning of the most important future!
This is a good time for me.
I love it and it was the best of the best.

I am not the right time for birth.
I am not much too much for myself.
I am the owner of the most important things in life.
I think I need it all!

It was a good day and night out with the cool kids.
We are a number of people who are not the same.

I think I misunderstood what you want to be.
I am sorry that you are not completely satisfed with your own mind.
You should also check the details of your own virus.
I think you should be on the moon with my own head and shoulders.
Eat my phone and kiss my life - you can have it all.

This allows you to be back forever and ever and ever.

I will not be used for a while.
I am not going anywhere near the end.
I am not a problem.
I am not drunk and I am.

Life is life and I am not the only one.
I am a beautiful person.

„I am a beautiful person“ is poetry created by chance. It is the Best-Of of a series of random text messages created by myself and friends of mine. The texts were generated by only using the words which were proposed by the phone. The message had to start with the words „dear Caro...“ - the upcoming
proposals were thereby influenced by the words which related to me the most (there were two levels of differences: the operating system of the phone and the individual memory of the phone influenced by the words used the most by the owner of the phone). The result is a constructed reality which could as well be
true and transports a very specific kind of melancholy.